Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Future Workforce Coming from Under-Served Continuous-Enterprise-Development-Zones - Eco Impact Zones 2020TAGS Channel

Building Technological Workforces of the Future
Eco-Techs and Eco-Technologies

Eco-impact zones are developing Alternative workforces of "Agri Techs," "Solar-Hydro-Wind-GeoThermal Techs," "Agri-Forestry Techs," "Communications Techs," "Modality Techs," and building technological workforces of the future.

Join in the targeted working capital collaborations, assisting local populations to be more capable of utilizing working capital, introducing new incomes from Eco sector development. 

Rural and or Urban Collaborative Capital Model(tm)'s Eco-Oriented revenues assist select under-served zones to incorporate necessary and responsible governmental taxation to support Zone infrastructures, schools, roads, properties at the local level and radiating out to the betterment of the state/country.

Inviting Holistic, Collaborative Sector, Micro and Small Enterprise Development into the Alternative Micro Economic Corridors!

Eco Impact Zone Technologies & Collaborative Zone Development

Agri Ponic, Renewable Energy (Solar, Hydro, GeoThermal Wind), Modality - Transportation/Logistics, Communications Development, Forestries providing under-served, alternative micro enterprise zones with new workforces of higher trained and compensated workforces of the continuous-enterprise-development-zones (CEDZs).

The Zones of Micro Enterprise and the Collaborations Network(tm) are where Entrepreneurs, Micro Business and Small to Medium Enterprise Are Gathering for alternative, private development! 

Stimulating enterprise. Enabling, Empowering and Encouraging the building of enterprise into sustainable, international footprints of continuous enterprise development.

Micro Enterprise Urban and Rural Development for Under-Served!  Tap into Resources, Collaborations and Zone Development for your Market and enhance your international footprint in the Zones!

Now new markets burgeon for entrepreneur and small enterprise in working capital models – Through the Collaborations Network(tm) and 2020TAGS Channel… and from CEDZ WorldWide, the next paradigm opens for continuous-enterprise-development-zones (CEDZs), where enterprise develops from enterprise and Eco-preneurism takes hold.

CEDZ WorldWide and the Collaborations Network(tm) proffer the future of sustained, new market influence from ecopreneurs and small enterprise, and changing the World's under-served with Eco Impact Trade Zones and Ports that are gathering.

Join us in the creation of Eco impact zones' global reach, and join in the partnerships and value-chains of the future!

Alternative, private, semi-philanthropic, collaborative, and holistic development of under-served micro enterprise zones enable smaller scale enterprise to enjoin collectively to build out sustainable enterprise impact zones of renewable energies, advanced aquaponic agriculture and fisheries, closed systems, grasses, timbers, communications and modality in Eco Impact Zones and creating the Value Chains of the Future!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Join in the Happenings Advancing Logistics for Micro Business… Modality and Micro Economic Corridors "Collaborations Network(tm)"

Establishing Micro Business Modality & Intermodalism - Developing the Micro Economic Corridors and Value Chains of the Future!

Adding Transport to the Eco Collaborative Zones

Continuous-Enterprise-Development-Zones (CEDZs) of the Collaborations Network(tm), Project Genesis "M" CEDZ WorldWide, L.L.C. alternative micro enterprise ports and routes of trade is developing the micro economic corridors of the developing CEDZs and Eco Collaborative global development.

Enterprise is taking back Logistics and you may be seeing this ship soon!

Eco Collaborative development and the value of "economic corridors?" Collaborative Engagements are incorporating tailored logistical modality that will effectively advance participating under served micro markets through participating in the developing micro economic corridors that are establishing the alternative trade routes of the future.

 Adding transport to under-served Urban or Rural Collaborative Capital(tm) development opens new trade and commercial potential for the "Continuous-Enterprise-Development-Zones (CEDZs) formed through the Collaborations Network(tm) of CEDZ WorldWide, L.L.C., and enables the value-chains of the future through the developing "micro economic corridors" or micro enterprise zones of Project Genesis "M."

Moving goods through the enterprise oriented Zones of the Collaborations Network(tm), CEDZ WorldWide Collaborators grid offers under served zones with access to new enterprise oriented Ports, opening new markets and adding more sectors of enterprises joining in the Alternative to barriers frequented in Macro oriented economic corridors.

Having the ability to interface with locality, organization, structure, and with the collaborative flexibility to tailor Eco Collaborative Modality to tailored global locations, each collaboration in each Zone, empowers infrastructure improvements and the greater development of "micro economic corridors" in parallel relationship to Macro "economic corridors."

The epiphany inspiring a resurgence of "micro economic corridors" can be credited with the growing loss of Macro influences in each of the designated CEDZs under served regions. CEDZ WorldWide's growing grid and reach between the developing micro economic corridors and the collaborative ventures of the semi-philanthropic Collaborations Network(tm) combine with impact into the value chains of future enterprise.

Collaborative possibilities deliver through cooperative, cross-border relations; and now, new paradigms are beginning to impact global entrepreneur and enterprise development and stimulating or creating new market possibilities where no markets existed before…

Enter the Portal and Network where Entrepreneur and Small Enterprise Trade Zones are developing, enter the Paradigm where Modality incorporates in Eco Collaborative Zones, establishing alternative ports, routes of trade and the sustainability into the value chains of the future in the developing grid and micro economic corridors of the Collaborations Network(tm).

Project Genesis "M", part of the vision from CEDZ WorldWide, advances establishing micro business logistics (Modality) as an Enterprise Component and proffers the development of "new" micro economic corridors.

Adding to CEDZ zone selection are under-served regions where micro and small enterprises can develop quality inventories of qualified Eco product containers, private, deep water ports. 

Adding Modality to CEDZ Collaborative development provides additional workforce enablement and higher skilled/compensated small contractors through training in skills from container repair, to skills in land/sea/air/rail transport and logistics.

Coming full circle from the days of Marco Polo, Micro Business Logistics and Micro Economic Corridors are becoming an integral part of the ventures and engagements for both Rural and Urban Economic Development capital models of the Collaborations Network(tm) and the Collaborators from CEDZ WorldWide, L.L.C.

Now, entrepreneurs, micro business, and small to medium enterprise participating within the designated CEDZ proprietary zones are gathering for the collaborative ventures of semi-philanthropic development and delivering both continuity and service demanded in the Alternative Markets of Small Enterprise and the forming Micro Economic Corridors of Project Genesis "M."